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I believe that each person deserves kind care in a peaceful and beautiful environment. I also believe that they deserve a consistently exceptional massage therapy experience. When a client entrusts themselves to my care, my hope is that they will leave with a deep knowing that I've cared for them with both my heart and my hands.

- Mary Dittenhauser


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Hi, I'm Mary Dittenhauser.  I graduated from the New York Institute of Massage in 1996.

Since then it's been really important to me to continually learn, exploring various modalities of massage and bodywork with the goal of offering the most effective treatments possible.

My intention is to provide an exceptional client experience, which to me is kind care in a beautiful setting with attention to detail, but most importantly consistent excellence in massage therapy.

In 1996 I began practicing massage in a salon and in a fitness club. In 2004 I opened Tranquil Oasis Spa which was in operation for 6 years. Although it was a great learning experience on many levels, it required tremendous energy to manage the daily spa operations in addition to a full massage practice while also raising a family. In 2010 I sold the spa and opened A Quiet Space Massage Studio as a private practice so that I could refocus my energy and allow my life to rebalance. 

 Welcome To A Quiet Space!